lunes, 29 de junio de 2009

Kinky Afro Playlist!!!!!!!

Kinky Afro is a mysterious side project by two established Italian Disc Jockeys, who are usually into electro and busy with international commitments. But when it comes to Kinky Afro, they pay a musical homage to the Disco sound, rare groove and Italo Disco. They started at Fingerspitzengefuhl parties in Belgium last year, playing in a old swimming pool in Brussels city center and in a bungalow set in the beautiful Antwerp park. Onwards, in April 2009 they released their first edit on digital which has been acclaimed by likes of Jacques Renault, Disco Bloodbath, Hardway Bros, Lee Douglas, Johan Agebjorn, Cage & Aviary, Dollskabeat and also blogs and radios from Athens to Berlin through México.

Top Five for C&F by... Kinky Afro

martes, 23 de junio de 2009

Dave Rape: Shady Lady New Mix!!!!!!!!

Shady Lady Mix 
(right click to download)
1.Dj Blaqstarr - "Shake It to the Ground" - (Jokers Of the Scene Remix)
2. Tiga - "Shoes" - (Green Velvet Remix)
3.St. Plomb & Water Lilly -"Shake A Leg" - (Jokers Of the Scene Remix)
4. Brodinski - "Bad Runner" - (Jokers Of The Scene Remix)
5.RQM - "Miss Pacman" - (Oliver $ Remix)
6. Walter Meego - "Through A Keyhole" - (Solid Groove & Sinden Remix)
7. Karoshi Bros. - "Love The World" - (Magik Johnson Vocal Mix)
8. The Faint - "The Geeks Were Right" (Boys Noize Vs D.I.M. Remix)
9. Interactive- "Dildo" - (Jaimie Fanatic Battery Mix)
10. Joshua Harvey - "Beat Bang"
11. In Flagranti - Brush My Beat
12. Dune - "Bloodlines" - (Herve Loves Messed Up Remix)
13. Firefox - "Sex Shooter"
14. Alex Kenji - "SuperSensationalDisco"
15. Tom Piper & Elroy - "Point 'N' Clap" - (Acid Jacks 303 Jackmasters Mix)
16. John Dahlback - "Blink"
17. Royskopp - "The Girl and the Robot" - (Ocelot Remix)
18. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Heads Will Roll" - (Dan Oh Remix)
19. Spektrum - "Don't Be Shy" - (Tuggs Cold Turkey Remix)
20. Se:Sa - "Like This Like That" - (Sinden & The Count of Monte Cristal Remix)
21. Tiga & Zyntherius - "Sunglasses At Night" - (Alter Ego Remix)
22. In Flagranti - "Bang Bang"
23. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Cheated Hearts" - (Peaches Remix)

domingo, 21 de junio de 2009

The Neon Rider Playlist!!!

Con sede en la Ciudad de México y Nueva York, The Neon rider es un proyecto que tiene propuestas nuevas de música, arte y cultura. Además de contar con un blog, los riders tienen una marca de ropa y djs que nos ponen a bailar en cada evento donde se presentan. Influenciados principalmente por la música disco, a continuación enlistan 5 de sus canciones favoritas, ojalá lo disfruten :

Espero les lata la selección, un poco de lo que nos gusta, saludos! ... The Neon Rider

sábado, 20 de junio de 2009

Douglas Kolk

Recortes , trazos colocados impulsivamente ante una hoja en blanco que terminan convirtiendose en caóticas historias, relatos abstractos pero con un gran sentido de la composición , es el collage de Douglas Kolk. Originario de New Jersey , sus dibujos ademas de combinar estilos, tienen influencia en los cómics y en los cuentos policiacos, por esta razón cada una de sus obras es presentada como un cuadro narrativo que en conjunto forman nuevas historias , creadas a partir de todos los elementos y por quien quiera hacerlo claro... mas sobre el trabajo e información sobre Douglas Kolk aquí:

martes, 16 de junio de 2009

Marcelo Cunning Playlist!!!

These songs, in one way or another, talk about or represent NYC. I'm gonna get chatty and descriptive for each one:

Most Latinos in the US know Charityn as a Palmolive soap pusher and the irritating Escandalo TV Host. But before she became a media-chisme whore, she actually put out a few decent songs. This specific one is a great disco track and the first song you should listen to when you first move here. It nails the NYC dream dead on.

Fannypack's second record kinda flopped. Or at least I never heard anybody comment anything about it since I've lived here. Well, it's really fucking good. Better than the first! 718 is Brooklyn's area code, for those who don't know, and besides being extremely catchy, you can totally image some bratty Queens teen riding the F train while rockin the song on her ipod. "BK is you with me, NYC! Everywhere else, you can suck up on my titty" is serious poetry.

This band is based in NYC and we had them play Nacotheque once. Their rock stuff was great, but when I heard this song I was FLOORED. I love Baile Funk and this is what I think most of it should sound like nowadays.

Another NYC band (sort of) who has mastered the two minute single. Could they be the new CCR? Maybe not. But seriously, a great band. I love the sound of their recordings; very full and dynamic.

I'm from Guadalajara, Mexico. We like Banda. Banda Machos and Banda Maguey are amongst our biggest exports. This song isn't so much about Banda and "Caballito"(a type of Banda dance) but more about evolution: "Hoy quitare el miedo a sentirme en la vanguardia sin tener que ir a New York para ver alla que pasa." Which more or less translates to "Today I rid myself the fear of feeling avant-garde without visiting New York." That's fucking amazing. You see kids? You don't have to live here to be cool. Still, you have to be cool even if geography is against you.

by Marcelo Cunning.

martes, 2 de junio de 2009

Zak Smith

Zak Smith es un ilustrador nacido en Nueva York, aunque actualmente radica en Los Angeles. Su obra pasa de geniales estructuras abstractas a retratos llenos de detalle y mucho color, su trabajo ha sido apreciado en importantes lugares como el Walker Art Center Minneapolis, Fredericks Freiser Gallery New York, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, entre otros, mas información acerca del trabajo de Zak Smith ... aquí: