lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2009

Nacotheque: Amylulita Peace and Love mix!!!

1. Illegal En Estyle – Pilar Diaz
2. No tem etas a mi facebook – Esteman
3. Ecima De Ti – Arthur Yoria
4. La Mistica Esprial – Adrianigual
5. Tu Necesidad – Onvi
6. Jamas – Telegrama
7. Eras mi persona favorite – Teleradio Donoso
8. Advertencia – Primera De Praga
9. Vas Voy - Zenttric
10. A Marte – Pastilla
11. Carmelo – Vainilla
12. Bailan – L-Kan
13. Que Bonito – Babaluca
14. Decorado – Marcelo Ezquiaga
15. Peach & Love – Zoe
16. Llueve Sobre La Ciudad – Los Bunkers
17. Fascinado – Sidonie
18. Septiembre no esta tan lejos – Nadadora
19. Tu y Yo – Something In Spanish
20. Valentina – Carla Morrison

lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2009

Excuse Me mix!!!!

Excuse Me is the cheeky name of one of the more talented and brave clubnights in Italy, and now it is giving name to the DJ team as well. Miles after miles, bpm’s after bpm’s, since that debut night in early 2006 all run with authentic enthusiasm, eclecticism and savoir faire, the same ingredients made Excuse Me one of the most tattled (and requested) DJ team in Europe, already considered in Italy a sort of a reference when it’s time to scout for remixes, white labels and disco/rock clashes. Excuse Me got indeed a an appealing and very own vibe, built up on a territory where electro bangs with indie-rock. In the most recent sets, the DJ’s got more unpredictable, still loving the pounding beats they tend to match them with re-edited classic anthems which results in an exciting show, you shouldn’t be surprised then to hear an 80’s underground dance hit or an English punk anthem... or more likely, some obsure re-edit of such.