domingo, 30 de agosto de 2009

Amylulita Playlist!!!!!!!!!!

(Poenix/Mexico) No video.
Before I knew about Hello Seahorse! I was listening to Babaluca's songs "Que Bonito" and "Pan Dulce" and falling in love. The music is so soothing and enjoyable - I'd say it's lullaby music for indie pop kids. The lead singer Carla Morrison is now working on a solo project and already has me hooked to her new stuff.

A few years ago I got really into exploring music from Montreal that was sung only in French. Numéro # was one of the first bands I found when searching Myspace and after seeing the music video I was hooked. Apparently in Montreal Numéro #'s fans are btween the ages of 15-18yr old young girls. 

Ebony Bones looks like a mix between an over exaggerated comic book character from Archie and a faux cannibal. This song has a tint of Kudu and Santogold, but a bit more on the dark side like a voodoo witch casting a spell on someone. Love it.

PALI (Chile)
Pali performed at Nacotheque this past year and honestly I had no idea what he'd sound like live. His performance blew me away and with only a single microphone, a CD, and himself dressed in a leather jacket, wifebeater tank, and a pair of tight fitting, pink jeans. A great voice and a great dancer. Pali is like a sexy, young Morrissey to me.

Doesn't matter if this song is sung in it's original French version or the English version (Jet boy Jet girl by Elton Motello) it's hands down a great song. Crunchy, rock n' roll guitar and old school saxaphone gets people in a happy mood!

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