domingo, 30 de agosto de 2009

Amylulita Playlist!!!!!!!!!!

(Poenix/Mexico) No video.
Before I knew about Hello Seahorse! I was listening to Babaluca's songs "Que Bonito" and "Pan Dulce" and falling in love. The music is so soothing and enjoyable - I'd say it's lullaby music for indie pop kids. The lead singer Carla Morrison is now working on a solo project and already has me hooked to her new stuff.

A few years ago I got really into exploring music from Montreal that was sung only in French. Numéro # was one of the first bands I found when searching Myspace and after seeing the music video I was hooked. Apparently in Montreal Numéro #'s fans are btween the ages of 15-18yr old young girls. 

Ebony Bones looks like a mix between an over exaggerated comic book character from Archie and a faux cannibal. This song has a tint of Kudu and Santogold, but a bit more on the dark side like a voodoo witch casting a spell on someone. Love it.

PALI (Chile)
Pali performed at Nacotheque this past year and honestly I had no idea what he'd sound like live. His performance blew me away and with only a single microphone, a CD, and himself dressed in a leather jacket, wifebeater tank, and a pair of tight fitting, pink jeans. A great voice and a great dancer. Pali is like a sexy, young Morrissey to me.

Doesn't matter if this song is sung in it's original French version or the English version (Jet boy Jet girl by Elton Motello) it's hands down a great song. Crunchy, rock n' roll guitar and old school saxaphone gets people in a happy mood!

martes, 25 de agosto de 2009

Nacotheque: Amylulita Mix!!!

1. Calla - SPAM (Spain)
2. Solo por Robar - Sindicato Malone (Spain)
3. CRUZO Remix - Manta Raya (Argentina)
4. Esstrechez de Corazon - Los Prisioneros (Chile)
5. Desperado - Patrick Miller (Mexico)
6. Es Sexy Dance - Sexy Dance (Argent
7. Yo te Dire - Miranda! (Argentina)
8. Falso Amor (Tainted Love Cover Song) - La Union (Spain)
9. Aburrida de Estar Salida - L-Kan (Spain)
10. Superafim - CSS (Brazil)
11. Azota (Whip It Cover Song) - Los Prisioneros (Chile)
12. Devuleta - Compiuters (Chile)

jueves, 20 de agosto de 2009

Boludo says thanks!

Chester French
Dave Rape
Michell Halley
Marcelo Cunning
DJ Mehdi
Toy Selectah

Esta es la primera serie de ilustraciones que Boludo (c&f), ha decidido realizar en agradecimiento a todos aquellos que han formado parte de este blog, interesantes personalidades que nos han brindado su apoyo , su tiempo y que han compartido con todos nosotros su excelente gusto musical. Muchas gracias por creer en este proyecto y hacerlo posible. 

lunes, 17 de agosto de 2009

Indie Rocks Agosto!!

Indie Rocks! cambia de imagen y te ofrece más contenido, nueva secciones y mucho pero mucho rock.  En nuestro número 32 encontrarás: Una entrevista exclusiva con Black Sabbath / Heaven and Hell, nuevas propuestas nacionales e internacionales, entre ellas; Radaïd, Simona, Friendly Fires y The Sweet Vandals. En Claquetazo tenemos una entrevista exclusiva con el director de cine Guy Ritchie, divertida información y los temas más sui géneris en  ¿Y esto qué?,Dress & Roll...y más. ¡Búscala! ... Visiten:

sábado, 8 de agosto de 2009

Djs Pareja - Kenia (Cómeme 2009)

 Produced by Djs Pareja. 
Mixed by Michael Mayer y Jorg Burger. 
Recorded in Buenos Aires.